Why are we setting up this programme?

In a time of great uncertainty farm businesses are looking at strategies to thrive in the post-Brexit climate. The relationship and links between British farmers with existing and wider markets will be critical.

Brexit will result in the removal of €3 billion of subsidies from our farming industry. Already impacted by low profitability, with some sectors struggling to break even, farming is vulnerable to political policy, specifically fluctuations in regulations and funding. Though farming has embraced diversification and innovation, the uncertainty of the post Brexit climate requires new strategies that support the future of farm businesses.

In June 2017 our group considered business strategies for Brexit as part of our Grand Challenges Week (https://www.exeter.ac.uk/grandchallenges/). While, due to our limited knowledge, we could not offer strategy for individual specialist businesses, we identified other ways in which our group’s skill set could be beneficial . This led us to considering the need for better links between farming and the UK’s 2 million students, not just as a market place but young people who will influence business, policy and the future of the UK. Instead of suggesting the strategy of farming forming better links, our initiative is to propose a new way for them to do it.


  1. Knowledge sharing between the farming and student communities across the UK and EU to create more effective and productive farming processes.
  2. Establish and maintain excellent relationships between these communities across the UK and EU.
  3. To raise student awareness of farming and the production of food.
  4. To open student market places to their local farm produced products.