Will a Student Cooperative be successful – Examples of similar programs in Texas and Poland

A student cooperative will be successful for many reasons but this can be explicitly evidenced in similar schemes currently taking place in Texas and Poland.

Texas student cooperative:

The Grow Texas scholarship program selects students from higher education institutions across Texas interested in advancing the Texas agriculture industry by increase educational opportunities for individuals.

Agriculture is a diverse field. The grow Texas scholarship program recipients have global perspectives and pursue a variety of academic courses of study, which will enable them to represent agriculture when they enter the workforce. They seek ways to combine agriculture with academic interests and become advocates for agriculture in the workplace

The Grow Texas program believes that more than ever, agriculture needs not only farmers  but also representatives in the areas of law, education, public relations, business and many other professions.

Last year alone the program had 9 successful cases of students that took part in the program.

Source: (https://www.growtexasprogram.org/scholarship-programs/)

Texas-Poland Young Farmer Exchange Program:

This provides a five week agricultural leadership and learning experience abroad in Poland. It enables people to share information on policies and practices related to new research and technologies that support and encourage learning and information exchange between the European Union and the United States.

This enhances collaboration and cooperation between agriculture organizations, corporations, universities and governments in Poland/EU and Texas/US. This allows excellent relationships between Poland/EU and Texas/US to be built.

Source: (https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/programs/texas-poland-young-farmer-exchange-program/)

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