Diversification of farms: Mabie Farm Park

Mabie Farm was originally a successful dairy farm near Shieldhill, Dumfries milking 150 cows. However, with the dairy industry predicted to struggle in the future the farm decided to take a new direction but still remain in the industry they knew so well. Mabie farm had the vision of combining their expertise in farming with a child-friendly tourist attraction. Therefore, a farm park seemed to be the perfect venture.

The Farm Park now has up to 1000 visitors a day.

The farm showed the importance of having strong relationships with the local community during the Foot and Mouth Disease dealt in 2001. The farms 6 prize animals who had almost become pets had to be slaughtered. So great had the link become between the local children and the animals that Noblehill Primary School in Dumfries raised money to build a cairn to the memory of the animals culled. The clearing up operation meant closure for 6 weeks, but the support was tremendous and letters from visitors urging the Park to keep open prompted us to carry on.

Over the years we have also increased the variety and number of rare breeds of animals, and by improving their housing they can now be seen more easily by the public. Our aim of creating an experience of being close to animals in the great Scottish outdoors, combined with fun and excitement has proved very successful.

Source: (http://mabiefarmpark.co.uk/about-us/pexels-photo-248880



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