How as a student with no farming experience can you help?

  • pexels-photo-238366We have set up the Student Farm Cooperative with the aim of connecting students from a range of backgrounds to farms across the UK and Europe. Our goals are to:
    • Share knowledge and expertise from both students and farmers to create more effective and productive farming processes. By this we mean that business students could help farmers with their business management and strategies, geography students could help with the sustainability of the business model and agriculture students could help with the day to day practicalities of life on a farm. In return, farmers could better inform students on how the supply chain works and create a much broader knowledge about the origins of British food – perhaps encouraging more people to buy British and therefore help our farmers in a post-Brexit climate.
    • Establish and maintain excellent relationships across the UK and EU. Eventually we hope to have young farmers from the UK visiting farms across Europe and vice versa to both help pool expertise and to create stronger relations, which in the long term can only be beneficial for trade.
    • Provide a broader education about farming for students in a variety of disciplines. Long-term we hope that this cooperative will encourage more young people to engage with British farming and at the same time help students broaden their horizons, making them more employable and encouraging a debate about sustainable farming practices.
    • Connect students to the origins of their food. Currently in the UK there is a discrepancy in the amount of knowledge about farming practices, leading to many a myth which can be harmful to the industry. Through this cooperative we hope to bust these myths and, in a post-Brexit world encourage people to support their local farmers instead of importing an excessive amount of goods.

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